Fusion ProWhoop 140 - Frame - 3″

Created with the perfect Cinewhoop in mind, here's the Prowhoop 140 by Fusion.

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Technical data

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This 3-inch frame, with its squished X geometry and 140 mm center distance, makes for an ultra-compact, all-round cinewhoop! The open carbon protection ducts enhance handling and, above all, make the washout disappear!

Cut from one of the world's finest carbons, Toray's T700 (also used by NASA), this Prowhoop 140 is ultra-strong and rigid. The entire chassis is chamfered at strategic points, giving it an exceptional finish.

Each part is varnished after cutting and chamfering, which limits the delineation of the carbon and makes it silky smooth. The frame accepts 30×30 and 20×20 stacks, as well as Caddx Vista, Air Unit O3, Walksnail Avatar or Unify.

Fusion spacers were designed by Laurent Athenol, a renowned French chassis designer. Our partner, who also collaborates with Logitech and Caterpillar, manufactures them from high-quality aluminum, giving them greater strength than most spacers on the market. We've chosen a hexagonal shape for the upper and inner parts, to make it easier to replace a screw that's screwed up in a big crash, with the help of a 6mm open-end wrench. On this Prowhoop 140 edition, the height of the spacers is 31mm, allowing the electronics to be mounted comfortably and airily, without the lipo strap touching the flight controller.

The Prowhoop 140 is equipped with a Custom Lipo Pad designed in the same factory that manufactures "Ummagrip" Lipo Pads, giving your lipo an ultra-adhesive surface. The ultimate lipo pad! Fusion has chosen custom-made Kevlar lipo straps with metal buckles, lined with an adhesive surface.

The frame comes with first-rate YFS 12.9 Grade screws and bolts, one of the best on the market.

As Fusion is Eco-responsible, all kits are packed in 94% recyclable packaging made from flax fibers, cardboard and paper. Each carbon part is checked, cleaned and packed by hand in the South of France.

Created, designed, developed and produced by Escape FPV, and its team. Distributed exclusively by Banso.

Fusion recommends the 31mm version for 1505 1507 1408 motors with 12-12 motor center distance.


Varnished & chamfered Full T700 chassis
Spacer height: 31mm
Bottom plate in 2mm
Top plate in 2mm
Cam Plate in 1.5mm, min. size 22mm
30×30 and 20×20 center distance for CF
20×20 at rear to accommodate aCaddx Vista, Air Unit O3, Walksnail Avatar or Unify
Propellers: up to 3″
Weight: 119gr


1x Top plate Prowhoop
1x Bottom plate Prowhoop
2x Cam plate
1x Lipo Pad
2x Lipo Strap Fusion Kevlar
18x Spacers 31mm
4x Stack screws M3x20 YFS 12.9 Grade
4x Nylon nuts M3
20x M3x8 YFS 12.9 Grade
16x M3x6 YFS 12.9 Grade
1x Fusion sticker board
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